Ari Pollak
Washington, DC


  • Languages: Ruby, Python, sh/bash/zsh, Perl, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, SQL
  • Software: GNU tools, Rails, Git, Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL


SCVNGR/LevelUp (Boston, MA)
2014 - Present (Platform - Lead Software Engineer)

2012 - 2014 (Platform - Senior Software Engineer)
  • Made speed improvements, fixed bugs, built new features, and performed peer reviews of code for Ruby on Rails apps
  • Built and maintained internal Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment service based first on Jenkins and subsequently Travis; resulted in more reliable tests and faster deployments
  • Built merchant-facing interfaces to daily payment information
  • Architected Campaign Analytics project to give merchants deeper insights into their advertising campaigns
  • Architected first version of LevelUp Gift Cards

Compete, Inc. (Boston, MA)
2011 - 2012 (Solutions Architecture - Senior Software Engineer)
  • Researched and planned an overhaul of company-wide data computing infrastructure to Hadoop with the goal of improving throughput, scalability, and maintainability

2009 - 2011 (Data Architecture - Senior Software Engineer)
  • Managed smooth automated operation of core data processing software and related infrastructure
  • Evaluated, proposed, and implemented first round of improvements to core clickstream data; implemented many of the internal C++ and shell tool changes necessary to work with the new data
  • Coordinated with the website team to automatically generate and deliver metrics on a daily and monthly basis; helped ease delivery and reporting bottlenecks
  • Trained new team members on internal processes and best practices
  • Drafted internal coding standards and code review process in collaboration with team
  • Assisted in software design and release management for multiple new products across multiple teams

2006 - 2009 (Data and Research - Software Engineer)
  • Fixed bugs, added new metrics, and drastically improved efficiency in a Python-based data mining application, which allowed non-technical users to generate complex reports from terabytes of data at a time
  • Wrote internal server and web front-end to automatically capture full-page images of websites, using Python and Mozilla/Gecko, which resulted in a new released product
  • Planned and implemented phased system and code migration of data processing cluster from FreeBSD to GNU/Linux
  • Overhauled multiple automated data processing applications, resulting in massive time and resource reduction from days to hours
  • Served on Architecture Committee, responsible for planning hardware and software deployment on external infrastructure to meet current and future needs

Aastra Telecom (Billerica, MA)
2005 (Software Engineer)
  • Fixed bugs and implemented new features for CNX conference bridge device based on embedded Linux
  • Used cross-architecture toolchains, C, C++, and CORBA for developing device-side applications
  • Interfaced directly with various on-board hardware controllers in both user-space and kernel-space drivers
  • Developed Java applet for administration of CNX device using Swing and CORBA
  • Worked with H.323, SIP, PRI, and RBS standards through Asterisk and Linux kernel modules
  • Fixed several issues with high call load under SIP and H.323
  • Wrote prototype Linux kernel driver for part of FXS daughterboard driver to interface with Zaptel and Asterisk

The Gillette Company (South Boston, MA)
2004 (Global Intel Server Management)
  • Performed ongoing hardware and software maintenance of Windows server environment, including VMWare ESX Server and virtual machines
  • Wrote a GUI tool in Perl to automate many common operations on hundreds of Windows servers in an Active Directory domain
  • Migrated hundreds of servers from an NT4 domain into Windows 2003-based Active Directory; wrote Perl scripts to automate much of the process
  • Taught introductory Perl course for other Intel Server team members

Northeastern University College of Computer and Information Science (Boston, MA)
2003 (Microsoft Technology Consultant)
  • Automated network-wide tasks in Perl using CGI, WMI, and ADSI technologies
  • Evaluated, tested, secured, and deployed new Microsoft products including Windows Server 2003, IIS 6, and many MSDN development tools
  • Implemented two-way password synchronization between UNIX/Linux and Windows hosts as part of a single sign-on effort
  • Set up a secure, usable IIS 6 server for use by all CCIS users with support for ASP/ASP.NET; wrote automated administrative tools in Perl/Win32/WMI/ADSI and web-based user tools in PerlScript/ASP

Volunteer Work

  • Awesome Foundation DC Trustee
  • Debian GNU/Linux developer: release and maintain software for the Debian project; diagnose and fix bugs in software, contribute changes to upstream author(s)


  • Northeastern University - Boston, MA
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2006
References available upon request. No recruiters please.